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Fossil Fuel Focus

For people who want to invest with a lighter planetary touch.


What it aims to provide

We believe that our Fossil Fuel Focus range provides a viable, transparent alternative to many of the “green” portfolios currently available. It aims to provide long-term capital growth by holding a diversified range of funds that are meaningfully reducing their holdings in companies that emit greenhouse gases.

How we build it

With the help of our research partner, Dorey Limited, we screen over 3,000 UK investment funds for those whose holdings and mandates seem best placed to limit or eliminate fossil fuel emissions. With Dorey’s help we then study every single company each of these investment funds holds to verify our initial research. We use measures such as the Carbon Underground 200® to check our analysis still further.
The result is a list of investment funds we are confident are meaningfully reducing their holdings in companies that emit greenhouse gases. We then choose those we think are most likely to do better than the portfolio’s benchmark.

The Fossil Fuel Focus range could be right for you if

  • you want a portfolio that only invests in funds that are reducing their exposure to companies with high levels of fossil fuel emissions
  • you want the chance of doing better than the global markets if returns from fossil fuel-based industries start to decline.

It is not for you if

  • You have ESG, sustainable or ethical investment preferences connected to issues other than just fossil fuel emissions: we do not consider any other issues.
  • you can’t accept the chance of below-benchmark performance if companies with high fossil fuel emissions do better than those with low or zero emissions.


Click the link below to download the May 2024 Fossil Fuel Focus Factsheets

Portfolio Factsheet Fossil Fuel Focus May 24

Our portfolios are only available through professional financial planners.

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