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Baseline Index

For people who want the simplest portfolio we can think of…


What it aims to provide

Our Baseline Index range aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing in the two global markets we have chosen for our benchmarks.

How we build it

We choose one global equity tracker fund, and one global bond tracker fund. We combine the two funds in proportions that match your risk level. And that’s it. Our Baseline Index portfolios try only to recreate our benchmarks.

The Baseline Index range could be right for you if

  • you want to get into the global equity and bond markets as simply as possible
  • you don’t believe that it is worth paying for any form of active management.

It is not for you if

  • you can’t accept the chance of being left behind if more actively managed portfolios perform better and do better than their benchmarks
  • you want any form of professional skill or judgement in your portfolio.


Click the link below to download the May 2024 Baseline Index Factsheets

Portfolio Factsheet Baseline Index May 24

Our portfolios are only available through professional financial planners.

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