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Contemporary Active

For people who prefer modern, lower cost active investing.


What it aims to provide

Our Contemporary Active model portfolios are built to provide long-term capital growth. We do this at a lower overall cost than our Classic Active range by combining actively-managed funds with passive (also known as “index-tracking”) funds.

How we build it

We decide which markets or sectors we think offer the best prospects for funds that are actively managed. Then, following our usual process, we select funds that our research suggests offer the potential for doing better than average. For areas in which we think active managers may be less likely to add value we choose simple, low-cost tracker funds.

The Contemporary Active range could be right for you if

  • you are looking for growth over the longer-term
  • you want to aim for above benchmark returns and
  • you believe that active management combined with some index tracking funds can help you achieve this
  • you like the idea of a pragmatic combination of active and passive holdings
  • you want to hold a mix of investment approaches in one managed portfolio
  • you want your portfolio to cost less than our Classic Active range but still have the chance to do better than its benchmark.

It is not for you if

  • you can’t accept the possibility that active management might not do better than the benchmark
  • You want most or all of your portfolio to be invested in actively managed funds.


Click the link below to download the May 2024 Contemporary Active Factsheets

Portfolio Factsheet Contemporary Active May 24

Our portfolios are only available through professional financial planners.

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