Expert Research Partners


Dorey Financial Modelling

Who they are
Dorey Limited is an independent mathematical modelling and actuarial science firm based in Guernsey. Among other things, they offer economic modelling that has delivered robust and accurate forecasts over a number of economic cycles. Their clients include many large banks and investment managers, as well as the government of Guernsey.

What they do for us
Dorey provides us with forward-looking economic models that help us understand the possible future performance of our benchmarks. Their output helps financial planners explain the likely possible long-term outcomes of investing in our portfolios.

They help us with the long-term model we use for our Tracking Tomorrow range and provide us with the detailed screening and research we require for our Fossil Fuel Focus range.

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Who they are
Morningstar provides independent investment research, investment software and analysis. They are best known for their ratings of investment funds, shares and other investments. Their research is widely used by financial professionals to make informed decisions about investments.

What they do for us
We use Morningstar’s software to help us understand every aspect of the funds we select and how our overall portfolios relate to global markets and the MKC Baseline benchmarks.

Our portfolios are only available through professional financial planners.

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